1. privacy and facebook

    Facebook irreverently have always played against the sharing and privacy models.
    I do admire their approach to question the fabric of web. But I can
    not find myself justifying the recent recipie of sharing . This present model may have originated from the social principle
    'connecting', but have already lost all its meaning. Pairing and
    pushing content doesn’t seen relevant in the broader context.

    The single point of control is not new in browser environment. Task
    completion is simplest in its most intuitive form. Bookmarklet being
    employed since the netscape era, gives enough depth to this design
    pattern and its implementation.
    Instapaper have always praised the customised folder bookmarklet.
    Tumblr and many other follows suit. Yes this post is more than targeting specific networks, that have
    found their space among the active crowds. Social and curation both
    holds lucrative option for this implementation. And mark when I say ”
    anybody ” could feel the need to design such ubiquitious flow.

    Here is the problem, I just don’t care if this looks good with
    facebook’s newfound timeline. This could be the most awkward
    technology of the facebook era.
    I hope I get the facebook designers : “you got to do better.” The
    present design have made the web very dangerous place to tread.
    Manufacturing the web for one hardly seems work for me. Relevant and
    latest retrospection on seth’s blog.